8 Step Leaders Guide to Team Work Activities

Check out our 8 team work activities steps for leaders to go about building a high performing team?

  • Identify what functions the team should have.
    Get clear on the role of the team, what tasks will need to be undertaken and how performance will be measured. Key thing here is make this an outside in process and talk to your stakeholders about their views on what the team should be about. This principle applies to brand new teams being formed for the first time and also more established groups or teams that need to reconnect with their purpose.

  • Define the type of Team you will need: How many people, what capabilities are required , how might their work overlap or be interdependent, geographical location etc… Again applies to forming new teams or revisiting existing teams due to changed circumstances.

  • Construct a “vision” of your ideal team This is a critical team work activities step. If you aren’t clear then you won’t be able to clarify things for others. Build a picture of the abilities, numbers of people, and blend of experiences you would like. You might even consider some of the mix of personalities you think you will need.

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  • Analyse current teams strengths and weaknesses What are the skills, experience and personality types of current members’? How is the team performing on a scale of 1 to 10? What is the learning and performance potential of this team? What is missing, what would lift the team to a 8 or 9 out of 10 performance wise? Identify and catalog what abilities are missing or insufficiently present? How effectively are you leading this team and what might you need to do differently?

  • Build Your Team Get clarity on how you can acquire the missing capabilities and how you need to be as a leader in the new team environment. What specific team work activities will you need in order to build and align capabilities? How will you build a positive and engaging environment ? What communication and meeting s will you need?

  • Establish team working Consult with the team on: How to get the team clear and motivated on goals and priorities? How to get the team to identify how it needs to be in order to deliver on those goals. Identifying and prioritising team development actions . Engaging individuals within the team and how to steer between forming, storming, norming, performing.

  • Integrate with other Teams What other teams should your team work with? How can common objectives be clarified? How can collaboration be improved?

  • Maintaining the Team: How to check in on team health and effectiveness? How to chec on team actions plans? Will the team need to come of the job periodically to take stock? How can team success be celebrated with sincerity?

    By following our 8 team work activites steps you have a route map towards higher team performance.

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