Critical Senior Team Building Techniques for CEO's

Many Chief executives do not give enough attention to team building techniques. They would almost never take their market or regulatory market for granted they would certainly try to influence matters to the benefit other enterprises. are often not considered urgent.  The result is many CEO”S accept everything as “a given “about their top team, the structure, composition and support or not of their senior leaders.


Being in a senior leadership team is more than just being a competent manager or a great leader of your own organisational unit.


Given a choice on where the spend their time  in my experience most executives want to focus on their “real job”  rather than wasting time on endless meetings dealing with non-urgent issues that may seem to have little relevance with their leadership roles.


It doesn’t have to be that way,


Senior teams should have great potential offering a great reservoir of talent, experience, perspective and creativity to improve the decision making of the organisation. But only if the CEO understands the necessary team building techniques required.


A senior team surely offers more competitive advantage and synergies than a group of senior leaders?

For more information on leadership theories Go to leadership theories. click here

Two fundamental team building techniques to make a senior leadership team great.


  1. Team Set Up

This is about:

    1. creating a clear and compelling team purpose (what)
    2. right numbers and responsibilities  (what)
    3. choosing the right people (experience and skills, fit) (who)
    4. choosing right teams norms and protocols (how)
    5. getting team support in place (how)



  1. Hands on Leadership

  2. This is about:
    1. Hands on guidance
    2. Individual Coaching and mentoring
    3. Team coaching
    4. Inspiring passion and engagement
    5. More iinformation on team work activities here  







      Team Set Up


      Organisational astuteness

      Conceptual vision



      Political savvy

      Decision making


      Hands on leadership


      Monitor team dynamics







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      Effective team leadership needs both of these team building approaches to be fulfilled. Number 1 is about good foundations but it is nothing without hands on leadership.


      There is not one way of achieving this as the circumstances and skills and capabilities of top teams differ. But according to Harvard researchers there are diagnostic and implementation type competencies required from leaders. Two sets of four, giving 8 leadership competencies in total.


      These leadership competencies for applying the team building techniques are:


      Organisational astuteness:

      Sees the “wood from the trees” gets to critical issues and implications early.


      Conceptual vision:

      Creating with others a sense of purpose and direction for the team


      Political savvy

      Not being naïve, knowing how to get things done in the organisation



      Backs judgement, prepared to take the decision in a timely manner


      Monitoring team dynamics

      Can take the pulse, attentive to team exchanges



      Understand team member’s feelings, and deal with them



      Having passion and igniting it in others



      Take advantage of learning opportunities, encourage reflection, resist giving the answers too quickly  



      For more information on leadership theories Go to leadership theories. click here

      Best ways to develop these competencies in yourself?


      1. Get an Executive coach
      2. Use  the strengths in the team to supply certain competencies
      3. Be present try new things and learn from experience

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