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Hi welcome to learning express where we carefully select themed videos, that include the topics we cover here at leopard-learning.

We carefully chose these videos to make sure they either:
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2. offer a different or complementary perspective
3. or just simply entertain us.


Leadership and Vision
A key component of modern definitions of effective leadership include the ability to set a vision. Leadership is considered to be about "creating futures" and improving the business and organisation.

In the hectic reactive work environments around today it might be even more critical for leaders to ocasionally lift their heads up and consider the possibility of a more positive future. Without a clear direction and aspiration, work can lack meaning and people can feel like a Hamster in a wheel.This video from Jerry Porras (the co-author of Built to Last with Jim Collins) talks about visions and the link between a personal leadership vision and your business vision.

Learning Styles

In this video we have Professor Daniel Willingham (psychologist, neuroscientist, from the University of Virginia)describes research showing that learning styles are a myth. He is specifically talking about Flemmings Vark Model.
You do remember that don't you? you know? auditory, visual and kinasthetic learning styles etc...ah well

you can remind yourself here if you need to

Leadership and Influence

This video is related to both learning and leadership and takes a neuroscientific approach to leadership and change. David Rock author of Your Brain At Work talks us through the SCARF model. This model is based on recent research of how much more strongly motivated we are by potential threats to our social status, certainty , autonomy, relatedness and fairness. This has obvious implications for leadership behaviour and influence and the creation of learning friendly environments.Hope you find it interesting.

If you found this interesting you might want to check out this related page on Brain based learning

Learning to Change

Had to include this video it is on a subject of great interest to me how the use of technology has the potential to transform our learning experiences in school, work and life.Technology can create the space for relationships, connectivity and collaboration.It is also potentially changes the requirements of "place" and creates potential access to huge resources. Our wired world may need the new skills of creativity, synthesis, team working and collaboration much more than the ability to provide the right answers on demand.Anyway check it out and get inspired.

Informal Learning

Ok this is quite an interesting video on the characteristics and benefits of informal as opposed to formal learning. Jay Ross answers questions on informal learning. Is it real? Does it benefit small companies? How does it relate to the web? Don't be put off by the filming there is food for thought in here.

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Change Management: A sense of urgency.

The might change guru John Kotter(from Harvard)on the importance of a sense of urgency in these changing times, for both organisations and managers. By a sense of urgency, Kotter means, it is about focus, determination and action not just "busyness".

Learning Styles
A short video about the different intelligences Gardner has indicated exist. For more information, check out a range of information on learning styles on this website . NOTE: YOU *ARE* ALLOWED TO USE THIS VIDEO FOR PRESENTATIONS...

Stress Management
This is one of my first home-made videos on the subject of stress management concepts. Research is showing that our levels of anxiety have a profound impact on the learning process and I am not necessarily talking about acute or chronic stress. For many of us the learning process with its ambiguity and fear of failure is a real source of stress in itself. I really like to share the conscious competence model with learners to help them understand how they might better need to manager their anxiety in the learning process.

See the conscious competence model here.

Career Planning
This is quite an informative basic video on career planning.It talks about a three step process

  • 1. Self knowledge and exploration
  • 2. Career and educatinal exploration
  • 3. Career planning and implmentation

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    Leadership Theories
    Check out this TV video interview of Robin Sharma. He gives a articulate and concise definition of what makes a great leader. Key notes include authenticity, being courageous and consistent with your own values.

    Short video on our free leadership survey

    Free leadership survey

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