I'm in the process of rolling out a 360 at the moment so have strong views on the subject....

by rollieg (Leadership Cosultant)

Posted by rollieg (Leadership Cosultant)

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I'm in the process of rolling out a 360 at the moment so have strong views on the subject....

Getting the competencies and within that the specific indicators is critical - the closer they can be aligned to behaviours that actually make a difference the more relevant the feedback; And you're exactly right most models are pretty similar so getting the details of what and how things are different in this particular context becomes critical. Which also links to your 4th question - because it's difficult to get the instrument right, feedback through a meeting which helps the recipient interpret and understand his feedback is very important. In fact I would say this if this is well done its probably the biggest contributor to the 360 providing value.

I find that whenever a 360 is first introduced unless there is a clear and shared understanding of what the questions mean and how to rate them and what are exemplar behaviours (which seldom happens right away without serious intervention) the first couple of rounds you generally get to get feedback which is squarely down the middle because people are unsure of how much of a position they can/should take. So if there's some far around confidentiality or the sense that there will be retribution 360 feedback can do more harm that good. One way of checking is to see if a lot of direct reports are scoring their managers at the highest end of the scale. And after a 360 has been run for 5-6 years its a good practice to stop it for a year or two because again people get into a groove of the kinds of answers they give.

Development plans eventually need to get accomplished in the work-place if they are to be of value - so a not so well crafted plan with great support from the manager I've found has more value than a perfectly conceived plan which is stymied because the manager thinks its a waste of time.

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