Feedback when we have tested the system

by Charlie

I found this very useful – we are just introducing 360 feedback as part of our approach to developing our small group of staff. After searching around using google we have decided to use a system called factors360. It seems to offer everything we need at the moment, added our own company images so the on-line questionnaire and the report are branded to match our organisation. Cost so far has been just £20.00 and we are running the process for all 8 staff.

I will add some feedback when we get to the point of actually doing the feedback.
The system can be found at: Factors360 factors360

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May 18, 2010
360's Need Smart Systems and Smart People
by: Graham

Thanks for your feedback Charlie
I have had a look at this system and it looks pretty effective.
All I would say is that however good it or other 360 tools appear to be they are only tools.
Yes of course we need tools (try putting in a screw without a screwdriver!)
But you also need to use the most appropriate tool for the job and..
Most important of all you need to match a smart tool with a smart person.
If you don't manage the communications, confidentiality and engagement processes you will
end up with prety reports that don't mean anything.
If you don't treat the feedback as a individual change process and opportunity you are missing the point
If you don't train your people doing the feedback thorougly or use external skilled developmental coaches participants may miss out on some of the value.
If you don't engage the participants manager in a robust development planning and follow up process you may miss out on the application of new behaviours in the work place. No behaviour change means no learning has occured and no business or individual benefit.

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