10 career ideas to get your career on track

Ten Career Ideas To Change Your Career track

(Adopted from Ten Paths in the Woods by H. Figler)

People are often immobilised when they lose their jobs.  You may be wondering, "What else can I do?".  You will probably look for the job you have left.  This commonly leads to frustration.

But there are other options.  Just as there are "50 ways to leave your lover", there are 10 productive career ideas and ways to leave your organisation behind.  If you limit yourself to looking for the job you just lost you limit your options.  Give yourself as many choices to win as you can.

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Career Idea 1. Same Job, New Location

It's okay to look for the work you have done before, especially if you feel a new locale will give you new life.  There is competition everywhere, but choose a setting where you fell more yourself.  As much as possible, go for the environment which fits your priorities, not the location that has the 'hot' job market.

Career Idea 2. Change Industries

You can apply your same skills to new kinds of employers.  For example, if you are an accountant in retail you might want to understand where the best choice of the finance jobs are in other industries. If you are passionate about customer service and like dealing with people, a bit of online research could open up new industry options for you. Finance and customer services are highly transferable skills. A bit of research and lateral thinking and you might find yourself seriously considering an industry that is entirely different from where you've been before. Think how that challenge could impact on your learning and your career You should of course review the press for more career ideas

Career Idea 3. Do Contract Work

You can earn a living this way.  It is a version of having your own business.  Most jobs can be done on a contract basis, if that is the employer's preference.  This is a way for you to earn income without being committed fully to a particular company.

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Career Ideas 4. Change Careers

People are most afraid to do this. "How can I start over, at my age?; It'll take me forever to work my way up". Yet people do it every day. Often they take pay cuts, but they do not 'start over'. The better you sell your transferable skills, and the more motivated you are, the more a lateral move is possible. The key - try your career move on a part-time basis, to see if it suits you.

Career Idea 5. Start Your Own Business

There are numerous home-based businesses today and the number increases every day.  Advances in business technology, coupled with the low-capital nature of service businesses, puts a home business within reach of everyone.  The key, once again - seed your entrepreneurial garden on a part-time basis, to learn if it will grown and if you like what it produces.

Career Idea 6. Have Multiple Businesses

If one business is good, then perhaps five enterprises are better.  We used to laugh at the person who displayed five business cards.  Now they are our next-door neighbours, and it's not such a silly idea.  Each of us has multiple skills.  Now, let me see, I can do carpentry in my garage, sell insurance on the weekends, contract work for the local plumber, sell home-made toys by mail order, and get paid to referee football games for the youth leagues.

Career Idea 7. Barter Your Way Through Life

Of course, in a money-obsessed society, bartering never happens.  No one ever exchanges what they do well for what someone else does well, which they happen to need.  And, in a tax-based society, this is a highly-irregular activity.  So, it never happens.  But, as a way of preparing for your next life, when it might possibly be legal and acceptable to trade your skills for others', think about how you might do it.

Career Choice 8. Have a Day Job, And Your Real Career At Night

Musicians, artists and theatre people have been doing this for a long time.  The 'day' job is usually a salaried one, not especially high in pay, but one that helps pay the bills.  The evening work is what gets you up in the morning, your real career, the stuff that keeps you going.  Your goal is to eliminate the day job eventually, once the first love produces enough income.

Career Choice 9. Enrol in Further Study

School connects best to career prospects when it does any of these:

" Gives you specific technical skills that are needed in today's fast-changing technological scene;
" Builds your generic learning and communication skills, especially if they are deficient;
" Expands the perspective of your thinking.

One caution:  do not enrol in a program until you have sampled it first-hand (observe classes in action) and talked with its graduates.

Career Choice 10. Be An Investor

A pipe dream, perhaps, but possible nonetheless.  If you would rather derive your income from the efforts of others, then cast a sharp eye at who you believe has potential and put your money behind them.  In researching possible investments, you will do many full days' work, but it's a path toward being paid well without having a job.


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