Greetings from New Zealand

Hello my name is Graham Hart and I am the webmaster of Learning Leopard and a number of blogs including: Mantle Leadershpi Development Experts
I have a passion for working in the areas of learning, leadership and change and a cast iron belief that we can make our organisations better and at the same time make them more fulfilling places for human beings to work and grow.

For those of you who would like to know a bit more about me:

I live just outside Auckland in the North Island of New Zealand. No question it is a fantastic place to live.

If we could move it a tad closer to the US and Europe it would be just about the most perfect place anywhere.

I have about Twenty five years business experience spread over working in operations, Human resources, management consultant and Executive coaching roles. I began my career in retailing, moving from operational management into HR, and then Leadership development and business improvement project roles.

I have operated in senior management roles and managed teams of up to 10 professional managers. For 7 years I worked as a Director with Deloitte in Auckland New Zealand consulting in New Zealand, Australia and various countries of the Asia Pacific Region. This certainly gave me an excellent opportunity to work in diverse industries from “Banking to Kindergartens!”

I left Deloittes to start my own business 5 years ago and I currently work with CEOs and Senior Executives in the areas of organizational development, leadership development and managing change.

I have received professional coach training and accreditation by the leading global coaching firm Results Coaching systems. I like to think of myself as a Coach Consultant and change facilitator

Apart from being great fun, starting my own business has given me the additional flexibility that has helped me obtain a better work life balance. Hopefully I have been a better Dad and partner too. I am lucky enough to be able to devote 10% of my time to voluntary activities for the New Zealand Human Resources Institute and Business Mentoring NZ.

My values • Integrity • Customer focused • Passionate • Creative • Authentic/human • Family • Thoughtful action

My mission Empowering business people to learn and change

Experience has shown me the inherent ability of people to learn and achieve astounding things and the positive influence and impact of appropriate leadership on organizational performance. My key strengths as a coach consultant are my understanding of how organizations and Executives operate, my ability to see the wood from the trees and my passion and commitment to help my clients achieve.

My style is supportive, above all human, commercial and results orientated.

Hope you enjoy and get some value from the website

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