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Learning matters, Issue #001 -- teaser here
December 30, 2012
Greetings Earthlings

Learning Matters

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This Months Article 10 things You'd Better Be Doing As a New Leader What' s Happening at Leadership By Design New Resources Added This Month

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Great review from CCL on leadership trends The New Science of Phew

New York Times Article on Social Threat and IQ

HBR article Three Ways Leaders Make Social Connections

Thoughts, Musings and Updates on Learning and Leadership

November 2012 Welcome to our Learning Matters newsletter. Here are a few of our updates coming to you from Auckland New Zealand .

Recent Page Entries Enhancing Productivity Just a quick heads up (sorry poor pun) on our latest article: Enhancing Productivity from our “What Science Knows and Business Does Series” Where we discuss how we can work with our brain biology instead of against it and as a result be more productive, happier and healthier. Read full article here Investing in Leadership and Management Skills

We know how important Leadership and Management are to sustainable growth, don’t we? So why aren’t we listening and doing something about it? Not for the first time, we are reporting on research, this time from the UK, that supports our belief in the huge impact effective leaders and managers have on the success of any organisation. Read full article here Key Note Article:

10 Things You'd Better Be Doing in your First 100 days

Gone are the days of a short honeymoon period in the new role in the current global economy; making an impact early on in a new leadership role is more important than ever. Putting it bluntly, your performance in your first 100 days can be the difference between success and failure in your new role.

Action Step 1: Detach Yourself from your Own Role

Get your head in the right place and detach yourself from your old role and organisation and focus fully on the new quickly as possible. This can be a real challenge for internal candidates, particularly if their old role has not yet been filled. The minimum here is to negotiate a deadline for letting go and gain agreement of expectations in the interim.

Action Step 2: Acquire Key Strategic Knowledge

You must invest early in building new networks and forging strong and effective stakeholder relationships. Get to know your bosses, your bosses’ boss, your subordinates and your peers, both in your own and in other departments. The objective here is to obtain more detailed knowledge of the company’s business and culture in the most efficient manner, while also building a network of key contacts throughout the organization. Start to identify and map your key stakeholder relationships and find out what is important to them and start making friends. Action Step 3: Clarify Roles and Expectations Read the rest of the article here

What's Happening at Leadership By Design We have been busy delivering client work on: 360 feedback, and Team Coaching. We have also been delivering modules for various leadership programmes. We got some help from two of our associates: Jane and Fiona for a Leadership Assessment Centre. Denise and Graham, with some help from Aly McNicholl from The New Zealand Mentoring Group, facilitated the recent Auckland SIG for the Neuroleadership Institute on a topic "The Brain and Social Learning". There was a good turn out and some great feedback. Look out for our next article in Employment Today next month, written with Ruth from the Neuroleadership Group, on Neuroscience and Effective Teams. Graham is speaking on leadership at the ITEX Conference in Auckland on 8th November

New Resources added This Month Employment Today Article September October 2012 Enhancing Productivity


Article published by Graham Hart and Ruth Donde on how the growing understanding of how our brain works, and working with our biology rather than against it, can help us become more productive. Another one of our “What Science Knows and What Business Does” series.

A brand new research report from the Department for Business Innovation and Skills in the UK LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT IN THE UK – THE KEY TO SUSTAINABLE GROWTH July 2012

A summary of the evidence for the value of investing in leadership and management development JULY 2012. Some useful thinking that applies in many countries we think.

Training and Development Magazine article September 2012 : " Forget about training—let’s motivate learning!"

Article published by Graham Hart and Ruth Donde where we discuss what neuroscience is revealing to us about motivation and learning.

Employment Today Article August 2012 Staying Cool Under Pressure Article published by Graham Hart and Ruth Donde where we discuss what neuroscience is revealing to us about resilience, thinking straight under pressure and simple strategies to foster your own resilience. Thanks for reading, Regards Graham.

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