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Welcome and twice welcome to the learning company and specifically to this website leopard-learning.

We have a crisis of learning in our organisations and leopard-learning wants to help.

  • Are you struggling to deal with one lot of changes after another?

  • So busy you don't have time to put into your own development?

  • Don't have a clue what your next career move might be?

  • Like to develop your leadership abilities but not another course please?

  • Have an untouched employee development plan in the bottom drawer somewhere?

  • Would like to encourage your team to be more flexible and adaptable?

  • Would like to be able to better lead yourself and your team through change?

  • Want to lift the performance and engagement of your team?

  • Want to support and encourage a colleague in developing their effectiveness?


    How to foster better learning for individuals and organisations.
    How to improve work relationships
    How to create better places to work
    How to get more done
    How to figure out new stuff
    How to cope better with change

    Leopard-learning is one of a number of online resources from the learning company dedicated to helping professional people create constructive change for themselves and others.

    and we think that is a worthwhile thing to be doing and hope you do too

    Or remembering my old evolution lectures in another word it’s about change and adaptation.

    Why can learning at work be so hard?.

    Whether on the phone, in meetings, or in cyberspace, we are constantly exchanging ideas, gathering information, and putting plans into action, all through the medium of conversation. We are presented with enormous opportunities to learn on a daily basis and yet in my experience many people are simply looking the other way.

    If you were to review the global research on managerial effectiveness and employee engagement, you would be forced to come to the conclusion that, in spite of billions of dollars invested in leadership development and employee training, we are just not very good at change and learning in organisations. It is somewhat ironic that learning can become one of the first casualties of reactive busy environments; leaders and managers for a number of reasons don’t create time for reflective thinking.

    A little learning theory here (sorry) Contemporary neuroscience research is suggesting that we very often act from habit; many of our responses are hardwired as we jump in to try to solve problems with very little awareness of whether what we say or do will achieve our desired results.


    In times of pressure and change this can become the “default setting” for many managers. This is the looking- the- other- way scenario; we place insufficient attention on seeing how we are impacting on others.

    This lack of awareness prevents us from learning how to communicate more effectively or discovering better ways of thinking.

    You could argue that this is always one of the greatest challenges facing any organisation and any individual: how to keep improving how to figure out new things to do, how to respond to changing circumstances.

    You will over time find at leopard-learning lots of practical ideas and tools here to help you as well as ideas and information to stimulate your own thinking and reflection.

  • Learning theories for the theoretically inclined
  • Practical templates and employee development plans for the practically inclined
  • Provocative articles for the conceptually inclined
  • Things to try right away for the activists amongst you
  • Leopard-learning will have things to enable you to kick-start your own learning or foster it in others

    But you need to add some of the magic ingredients,

    Thinking and doing..

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    About Us
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    Leopard learning Site Map
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    Ten career Ideas To Change Your Career track
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